A Neanderthal developer once rolled a rock to the entrance of his cave and created real estate, providing the natural void with some additional attribute not found in nature, such as warmth, security, and exclusiveness. He had successfully interlaced land (a finite natural resource) with an artifact (the rock – the first solidcore door) to serve an unmet need of a space consumer (a market). ... Real estate is therefore a manufactured product of artificially differentiated cubage with an institutional time dimension (square foot per year, room per night, cave per moon), designed to interlace society with the natural resource, land.
— James A. Graaskamp

Complex Commercial Development valuation is where Clarion/Samuels excels

An in depth knowledge of the interrelationship between the land development approval process, local and federal regulations, the impact of site improvement costs (on-site and off-site) and the compatibility of uses is essential to the valuation/design of mixed use developments.

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Clarion/Samuels is a leader in land development valuation

Appraisal of land with and without development potential is a nuanced endeavor requiring knowledge of local economics and land development practices.  Having appraised over 700 parcels for residential and commercial development in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware as well as 400 residential subdivisions across 10 states. Clarion/Samuels combines national expertise with local knowledge.


Clarion/Samuels working with Developers, Land Planners and Civil Engineers helps maximize development profits

Clarion/Samuels takes an interdisiplinary approach to land development maximization.  Optimizing lot size and dimensions, minimizing site improvement costs, and matching both through market analysis and an understanding of the approval process, maximizes development density and profit.